About Us

What Is LiquorVerse? 

LiquorVerse was created to be fundamentally different in the online liquor space. In this age old industry, no innovations have been made because nobody expects liquor companies to have to change. Even the laws have been in place since prohibition!

LiquorVerse takes it upon ourselves to create the change that we want to see in the industry. We believe that innovation makes the world we live in better and so we work to keep bringing you the newest, most exciting changes. So explore the LiquorVerse and we hope that you find what you're looking for.

Yes, We Accept Crypto

Since nobody in the industry wants to change, they are naive to the changing world around them. At LiquorVerse, we see crypto as the next big step in currency. Since we believe in it, we should be using it! This is why we accept some of the biggest names in crypto: Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

For those not yet ready to join us on the journey into crypto, we still do accept USD because everyone should have access to the bottles they are looking for.

It's As Easy As Click, Ship, Drink!

At LiquorVerse, we want to not only be the most innovative company in the space, but also the easiest, most reliable and efficient way to order your liquor. First, click the bottle you're looking for; then we will ship it directly to your door; lastly, drink your favorite spirit!