Shipping Terms

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LiquorVerse has two standard rates for shipments leaving our facilities. $10 Flat Rate for 1 bottle and $25 Flat Rate for 2 or more bottles. We ship to 47/50 states (exclusions include Alaska Hawaii and Alabama) so anywhere you're located we can get you all of your favorites!


Our team has mastered the art of packing bottles for shipment. No more packing peanuts all over your floor making us perfect for gifts and other occasions! (Even if those occasions are for yourself 😀) Here is an example shipment of Jose Cuervo La Familia (Displayed Below)



Our fulfilment center usually processes orders within 24-48 hours and then we send the shipments via Ground Shipping. LiquorVerse uses many couriers to deliver shipments to different states in order to comply with each individual state policy. To find out which courier is being used on your order just check the tracking page after you order and it will be on the left underneath the progress bar (displayed below)

We hope you choose to shop with LiquorVerse soon! 

For any further questions please contact LiquorVerse Support